Following in the footsteps of Joseph Hooker we explored plant species and migration. We created portfolios, treks, maps, and 3D flowers. We achieved an Arts Award certificate for our hard work

The Mindset of Hooker - How we became Explorers

Cam, Steve, Tom and Clare - the curators at Kew Gardens explained how Joseph Hooker who was a friend of Charles Darwin brought back new species of plants that forever changed the ecology of the English countryside.

Plant Journeys

We learned how to use maps and think about how we would arrange an expedition to bring back rare and exotic plants. Cam Sharp Jones at Kew explained the different preservation techniques used.

For some of us we mainly see flowers on the hospital ward - but this project gave us the opportunity to see them in more natural environments such as Chelsea Physic Garden, Kew Gardens and in Richmond Park

Hydrangea at Kew Gardens

Heaven on Earth

Arts Award

44 of us achieved our Arts Award. Because we have missed school this was our first formal qualification - but we hope it won't be the last!

Do you like our 3D flowers - we aimed for rare and wild and jurassic! We learned about how exotic species of plants were cultivated at Kew. We worked with great artists to make 3D models for our version of Hookers Flora Indica - Flora Romantica

Learning never stops if you keep your mind open! Protege Artists and student-trainees worked with us to create worksheets and games that would help us learn in fun way so that we can use learn to become more clever and find our place in the world

Living Heritage: Young British Entrepreneurs

For the second part of the project we looked at young British entrepreneurs. Young people who have explored their own interests and skills and found non-traditional ways to engage with the world around them.

We had sessions on everything from designing our own Jam to calculating profit from selling our old junk online!

We even learned the importance of writing letters, even in today's world when there is email. A young entrepreneur Charlotte Pearce started her own business writing letters for other people. They liked it because it had a personal touch!

Joseph Dalton Hooker

The man who inspired us - and made Kew Gardens the incredible place it is today