BTEC Work Skills: Course Overview

Students worked towards Unit 33: Producing a Product, and Unit 17: Working in a Team.

The brief was to produce a card for someone in a moment of crisis. The students learnt about the skills required for designing and making a series of pop-up cards, and also for working in a team.

As well as drawing on pre-existing knowledge, the students identified and developed new skills in order to produce their design. This involved gaining an understanding of the materials and techniques specific to pop-up card making, as well as the various stages of the production process. It also covered the importance of taking appropriate measures to work safely.

Discussing each others work and ideas, students also learnt about the positive behaviours that are necessary for teamwork. In this they focused on the importance of outlining personal strengths, as well as understanding how different roles contribute to the work of a team as a whole.

Finally, they assessed how the finished product met, or differed from, their expectations. Students reflected on how they would do things differently if they were to make the item again.

Students discussed and put into practice good teamworking skills, as specified by Unit 17 of BTEC Work Skills