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Welcome to our online catalogue. To buy an item, send us an e-mail at with the details of the product. Payment will be arranged via our secure Judopay system which accepts all major credit and debit cards or bank transfer, whichever is more convenient. The item can then be posted to you or prepared for collection from our Richmond Boutique

Protégé Brand

Protégé branded products are produced in our Richmond Boutique by our Artists in Residence. The products include cushions, baubles, notebooks, cards and other handmade creations, many of which can be altered to suit your own tastes. We also offer bespoke dinner stationery, the perfect way to add a unique touch to your dinner party or wedding banquet.

gifts; bespoke; hand-made; craft

Protégé Brand: Handmade Products

1. Protégé Adult Gift Stocking --- 2.Notebooks, Small £12, Medium £15 --- 3. Collars £25 --- 4. Bauble Cards £5

Protégé Brand: Cushions and Travel Bags

5. Orange Vintage Sari Cushion £25 --- 6. Protégé Shop Cushion £20 --- 7. Red Vintage Sari Cushion Set £35 --- 8. Large Hold Me Tight Cushion £37 --- 9. Protégé Sofa Cushion £20 --- 10. Vintage Sari Travel Bag £35

Protégé Brand: Bespoke Dinner Stationery

11. Bespoke Dinner Stationery including invitations, placemats, menu stands and name tags. Price available on request.

Protégé Brand: Baubles and Cards

12. Protégé Baubles available in a range of styles and can be produced with any internal decoration. Readymade £7, Personalised, price available on request. --- 13. Classic Romance Cards £5

Gin Durham

Gin Durham produces an incredible range of ceramic works to suit all tastes, with themes ranging from fine art pieces exploring the darker side of modern childhood, to gorgeous vases of country scenes. Her work is produced to the highest standard and often finished with 9ct gold, making it perfect to buy as a special gift, or for display in your own home.

Read more about Gin's and other artist's work here.

Gifts; home; bespoke; ceramic; art


Gin Durham Vases

5. Porcelain Pot: £55 each --- 6. Up My Street Scenic Pot: £45 each --- 7. Denton and Cleeve Vase: £35 each

Gin Durham Ceramics

1. Blue Bunny: £120 --- 2. Precious Pig: £120 --- 3. Little Blue: £140 --- 4. Teddy: £200

Gin Durham Ceramics

8. Bed of Roses I: £260 --- 9. Better Days Bear:

Tina Tsang

Tina Tsang’s provocative and humorous work is always guaranteed to raise a smile. We stock her intricate cake stands, cheeky tableware and tea sets as well as her beautifully crafted message bauble glasses and incense boat.

Her eye-catching work is always popular with browsers in our Richmond Boutique and would make the perfect unusual gift or centrepiece for a special party.

Read more about Tina's and other artist's work here.

Gift; home; tableware; quirky; bespoke


Tina Tsang Tableware

1. Lovesick Bunny Cake Stand: £65 --- 2. Ice Cream Bowl: £45 --- 3. Three Tier Cake Stand: £128 --- 4. Incense Boat: £45 --- 5. Small Lace Plate: £12

Tina Tsang Tea Sets

6. Espresso Cup: £37.50 --- 7. Sugar Bath: £37.50 --- 8. Small Tea Cup: £37.50 --- 9. Milk Jug: £37.50 --- 10. Teapot: £65 --- 11. Large Teacup: £45

Tina Tsang Glasses

All glasses £55


Miwary’s fabric creations surprise the onlooker; her fabric teacups are always popular with our Richmond customers who often believe them to be ‘real’. They make wonderful quirky decorative objects for the home, or alternatively can be used as a pot to hold jewellery and other small items.

As well as her cups we stock Miwary’s vintage fabric collars and her adorable animal brooches and rings.

Read more about Miwary's and other artist's work here.

Vintage; fabric; gifts


Miwary Fabric Tea Cups

1. Fabric Tea Cup: £15 each

Miwary Fabric Teapot

Fabric Teapot – £45

Miwary Animal Jewellery

2. Animal Brooch: £15 --- 3. Animal Ring: £10

Hiromi Itoga

Hiromi’s delicate and beautiful work explores shape, texture and memory. The collection was inspired by a memory of her grandmother’s diamond, triggered by the bottom of a wine glass. It uses layers of images printed onto fine organza to evoke a sense of forgetting and re-discovery. The work is available in three sizes, larger wall hangings are available to view in our Richmond Boutique.

Read more about Hiromi's and other artist's work here.

Delicate; art; home; gift

Hiromi Itoga Large Organza Wall Hanging

1. Organza Digital Print Wall Hanging: £150

Hiromi Itoga Organza Digital Prints

2. Small Organza Digital Print: £44 --- 3. Large Organza Digital Print: £55

Makiko Nakamura

Makiko’s stunning, poetic collection ‘100 years after the party’ imagines the slow decay of fine china. Each piece looks like a lost treasure, waiting to be discovered.

Read more about Makiko's and other artist's work here.

Delicate; china; art


Makiko Nakamura 100 Years After the Tea Party

1. Teapot: £480 --- 2. Teacup: £155 --- 3. Plate: £195

Jean Kims

Striking, provocative and beautiful. Jean Kims’ female portraits attract the onlooker with their uneasy charm. The work is presented on large canvases and their scale makes them a focal point in any room or space large enough to present them.

Read more about Jean's and other artist's work here.

Home; large canvas; art


Jean Kims Canvas

1. Large Canvas: £5,000

Jean Kims Canvas

2. Large Canvas: £5,000

Gabriella Ingram

We stock a range of Gabriella’s limited edition creations, each with their own distinctive personality. These bags would be the perfect stylish addition to any wardrobe. We currently hold a range of etched nickel and copper bags finished with taffeta straps as well as a number of acrylic creations, including the stunning plume of feathers bag.

Handbags; fashion; luxury 

Gabriella Ingram Handbags

1. Capriccio, edition of 25: £350 --- 2. Forest of Plumes: £520 --- 3. Fragment, edition of 25: £350 --- 4. Strawberry Granita, edition of 10 – £475

Gabriella Ingram Handbags

5. Fleur: £475 --- 6. Circo Romano: £350

Rie Tsuruta

Rie’s delicate tableware is both striking and simple, we have a number of pieces on display in our Richmond Boutique, including her bold cheese bell, beautiful rice bowls and elegant condiment boats.

Read more about Rie's and other artist's work here.

Home; gift; tableware

Rie Tsuruta Cheese Bell and Bowls

1. Cheese Bell: £350 --- 2. Rice Bowl: £40

Rie Tsuruta Tableware

3. Cup: £30 --- 4. Salt and Pepper Cellar with spoon: £30 each --- 5. Swan Condiment Boat: £40 each

Naomi Ryder

Naomi’s machine sewn portraits have been carefully reproduced on t-shirts and notebooks which we have available for sale as well as the original art works. Her work captures images of everyday life in a delicate and unusual style.

Art; gifts; portraits; fashion

Naomi Ryder T-shirts

1. T-shirts available in ladies and mens sizes: £29

Naomi Ryder Stitched Portrait

2. Girl with Guitar: £290

Naomi Ryder Stitched Portrait

3. Girl in Raincoat: £290

Naomi Ryder Notebooks

4. Small Notebook: £4 --- 5. Large Notebook: £6.50


We stock a variety of scarves, including Sophia Drescher’s antique book inspired silk creations, Himalayan Hill Pashmina and Tootal scarves. With prices ranging from £25 – £100 our scarves would make the perfect gift for a friend (or yourself).

Fashion; scarves; fabric

Scarves Image

1. Himalayan Hill Pashmina: £50 --- 2. Black Pashmina: £25 --- 3.Sofia Drescher Hand-Stitched Scarf: 100 --- 4.Tootal Red Silk Scarf: £30 --- 5. Sofia Drescher Hand-Stitched Scarf: £100 --- 6. Sofia Drescher Hand-Stitched Scarf: £100

Protégé Vintage

Protégé stock a range of pre-loved vintage items. Our vintage items are of the highest quality and are selected to complement the fine art works that we have on display in the boutique. Our vintage stock is regularly updated and it is always worth paying a visit to our Boutique to see what we have available.

Vintage; Homeware; Dining

Protégé Vintage – Meakin Plate

Meakin Plate – £40

Protégé Vintage – Gold cups and Coffee Warmer

Cups with saucer (set of 3) – £18 --- Coffee Warmer – £22

Protégé Vintage – Tea Set with Rose Pattern

Tea Set – £60

Protégé Vintage – Elegant Glasses with Gold Tray

Elegant Glasses with Gold Tray set – £24

Protégé Vintage – Teacup and Saucer Set

Set of 6 Cups and Saucers – £45

Protégé Vintage – Set of Jugs

Set of 3 Jugs – £55

Protégé Vintage – Glass Cup and Saucer

Gold rimmed glass cup and saucer – £7 each (more available)

Protégé Vintage – Laward Teapot

Laward Teapot – £36

Protégé Vintage – Pink Jug

Pink Jug £24

Rosie Fox

Rosie Fox's glittering collars and cuffs are the perfect statement piece. With their floral design and detailed bead work Rosie's works would make an excellent gift for yourself or a friend.

Jewellery; Fashion; Gift

Collars – --- Cuffs

Claire Bevacqua

We stock a range of Claire's work, including her willow pattern, birds and bugs and cherry blossom mugs. We also have two of her sculptural lighting pieces on display 'Over the fence' featuring a miniature figure peering over the garden fence and 'The White House'. Both pieces tell their own unique story.

Sculpure; Lighting; Homeware

Claire Bevacqua – Over the Fence

Over The Fence – £185

Claire Bevacqua – The White House

The White House – £185

Claire Bevacqua – Mugs

Mugs – £15