Image: Songwriting Workshop With Amit

Marktum and Daniel in lyrics masterclass with Amit.

Image: Songwriting Workshop With Amit

Dan getting vocal with Amit accompanying on acoustic guitar.

Audio: We Don't Need No Education

Image: Sampling Workshop With Myles

Myles explaining sampling techniques in Ableton Live to Daniel.

Image: Sampling Workshop With Myles

Ekhaw masters the technique of sampling and programming beats in Ableton Live.

Audio: Ekhaw's 'Teenage Dirtbag'

This is the rough version of Ekhaw's remix

Audio: Shenel & Jade's 'Papa Don't Preach'

This is a rough version of Shenel & Jade's Remix.

Image: Remix Session with Zai

Dan working with the EXS24 Sampler in Logic Pro 9.

Audio: Daniel's 'Creep'

Daniel's instrumental of Creep accompanied by Zai (guide vocals)

Jack's training session with engineer Bob, recording vocals with Amit and instrumentals with string trio.

Jack interviewing Pippa (cello), Wei Wei (viola), & Victoria (violin) about life as a professional musicians.

Image: Marktum's lyrics for Papa Don't Preach

Marktum draws on his experience as a teenage father to create a new version of Papa Don't Preach.

Chidi coaches students with the aim of extracting professional quality vocals from Ekhaw for Teenage Dirtbag and Shenel for Papa Don't Preach, accompanied by Marktum who delivers his lyrics with passion!

Shivani takes Creep in her stride

Sam, Marktum & Jack join forces with Amit to sing the final chorus of Smells Like Satisfaction.